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Who Is Elle Darby? Influencer Loses Subscribers After Racist Tweets Resurface Online


These days many controversial incidents are coming in front of people, that too through social media, and almost every time it becomes a topic of discussion in such a manner, that no one even imagined. Something similar recently happens with Elle Darby as her Twitter account has been terminated after she posted several racist tweets which all were inappropriate enough. As soon as the netizens are getting acquainted with the news their shocking reaction is coming to the fore along with some derogatory remarks. So below you could get the comprehensive details behind the case. 

Who Is Elle Darby? Influencer Loses Subscribers After Racist Tweets Resurface Online

According to the reports, Elle Darby has done such exploits many times on social media, which has also been highlighted many times, but this time the case is a bit different.  But now her tweet caught the heat and also came in the eyes of everyone, due to which she is now facing difficulties. But after remaining the subject of hot discussion among everyone her reaction has come to the fore, where she apologize to everyone especially those who hurt with her tweets, she has shared the entire note on social media which is being circulated as well rapidly. 

Who Is Elle Darby? 

As soon as the people got familiarized with her exploit, they started unfollowing her, and therefore, a significant downfall was spotted in the numerics of her followers instantly. Hence, she released a proper statement of apology on social media, in which, she wrote that “Beyond anger” & that they “only wish for fans’ forgiveness”. After receiving backlash continuously she decided to share the apology post as everyone is slamming her rapidly for those actions which she has done through social media. Almost everyone is familiar with her post, as it is spreading on the internet and still people are condemning her exploits.

Now, a few want to make themselves familiar with her personal stuff because whoever someone remains the hot discussion among the people, it increases their curiosity as well. So as far as the sources are to be considered so Elle Darby is a popular content creator, who has a wide fan following, but lately a downfall was spotted in her fan’s numerics. More than 748k people have followed her on Instagram, and approximately the same fan numerics she achieved on YouTube as well as around 601k people have followed her, for streaming the content she posts on social networking sites.

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