Who Is Ezekiel Abioye Odumakin? Cause of Death? What Happened? Incident Explained

Who Is Ezekiel Abioye Odumakin? Cause of Death? What Happened? Incident Explained: This morning everybody woke up with a saddening news of the unfortunate demise of the father of the late Comrade Yinka Odumakin, Ezekiel Abioye Odumakin. Ezekiel was 116 years old at the time he breathed his last. Ezekiel passes away just after a year of his son’s death. The news about his sudden passing away was announced by Ezekiel’s family. His widow released an official statement announcing  the unfortunate passing away of her beloved husband. According to the reports Ezekiel died on Monday 29 August. The news about sudden passing away came just a year after his son’s demise.

Ezekiel Abioye Odumakin


His son Comrade Yinka Odumakin was just 54 years old at the time passed away. Yinka passed away on 21 April 2021. Yinka died due to respiratory issues after testing positive for Covid19. The news about his sudden and unfortunate passing away was very saddening and flabbergasting for everyone. No one ever imagined that Yinka could pass away at such a young age. His demise was very shattering for his family, friends and all loved ones. Yinka was a very popular politician and a human rights advocate in Nigeria. He was one of the most prominent personalities of Nigeria. He had a great amount of name and fame allover the Nigeria. He earned a massive amount of name and fame all over the continent for his philanthropy. He had a great image among the common public of Nigeria.

Who Was Ezekiel Abioye Odumakin?

He fought for injustices happening with the common Nigerians on everyday basis. Now recently his father passed away. His father was 116 years old, and it is a very long life. we can only imagine living for so long. He lived for more than a century. His family is deeply shattered and saddened after his sudden and unfortunate demise. He was the most oldest person in the family and thus he was also the most respected person in the family. His family loved him and adored him the most. His family has lost two important of their family in just a span of 1 year. His family is currently going through a very rough phase of their life. People are coming out and paying their hearty tributes and condolences to the Ezekeil. We also pay our hearty tributes and condolences to the late Ezekiel. Currently there is no information regarding his funeral and ceremonies and memorial services.

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