Who Is Fernando del Solar Die? Check Cause of Death? What Happened To Him?

Who Is Fernando del Solar Die? Check Cause of Death? What Happened To Him?: The latest shattering and saddening news has come from the entertainment world which has broken many hearts. The shattering and saddening news is about the unfortunate demise of the Popular Mexican-Argentine actor Fernando Del Solar. Fernando was 49 years old at the time breathed his last. According to the reports, Fernando Del Solar was battling from a longtime illness and he passed after losing battle with his longtime illness.

Fernando del Solar


The news about his unfortunate demise was announced by the local media outlets. Local media confirmed that the popular star is no more. The reports from local media outlets also stated that the popular star Fernando Del Solar was admitted to the hospital due to the Covid 19. The reports further suggested that he canceled his scheduled conference because he was admitted to the hospital. According to the reports Fernando Del Solar was diagnosed with Lymphoma back in the year 2012. Lymphoma is basically a rare type of cancer. In this Lymphoma the body generates white blood cells.

Although, Fernando battled bravely with the illness and he was made out of cancer. Reports have suggested that Fernando recovered from cancer after a few years of battle. Although he recovered from Cancer after a few years of battle his complications after the treatment were not gone. The post-cancer treatment complications were troubling a lot. It was his complications that were not letting him be healthy again. He was battling with post-treatment complications.

Fernando was born on 5 April 1973. Although he worked in Mexico and lived there, but he was a native of Argentina. Fernando had a very great and successful career as an actor. He earned a massive amount of name and fame all across the globe. According to the reports Fernando had more than 3 lakh followers on his official Instagram account and he also had more than 2 million followers on his official Twitter account. The public was crazy for him. They loved him adored him and admired him.

Fernando too loved the public. He always thanked them for showering him with so much love and respect. According to the latest reports, many popular celebrities and prominent personalities from the entertainment world have come out and paid their hearty homages to the late Fernando. His fans and admirers are saddened and shattered to know his demise. His fans and admirers have flooded social media with their hearty tributes and condolences.

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