Who Is Gur Chahal, Man Attacked Prem Dhillon During Live Show Video Goes Viral

Who Is Gur Chahal, Man Attacked Prem Dhillon During Live Show Video Goes Viral: Nowadays, a video has been circulating all over the internet and gaining everyone’s attention. The video features Prem Dhillon who is being attacked by a man in the course of a live show. You read it right that Prem Dhillon has been in the headlines since the video broke out on the internet. Prem Dhillon is one of the most popular and renowned Punjabi artists. He has a massive fan following on social media platforms. Several want to know what is the exact matter and what happened to him? In this article, we are going to give you all the details about Prem Dhillon and the viral video of him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gur Chahal

Who Is Gur Chahal?

According to the reports, a video of Prem Dhillon has been making rounds on the internet which has been watched by many who are reacting to it continuously. In the viral video, it has been shown that Prem Dhillon was attacked by a man during a live show. Later, the attacker has been identified as none other than a member of the renowned Beeba Boys Group, Gur Chahal. As per the exclusive reports, the incident happened at the Balachar village.

The stars went to the Balachar village for their performance as they were invited to perform at the village following a Kabaddi match. The stars include Sippy Gill, Prem Dhillon, and Sultan who visited the village to deliver their rocking performance. Hardly, it had been 10 minutes since Prem arrived in the village when the incident took place. Several videos and clips are getting viral on the internet. The viral video shows Prem who was starting his performance casually when a man believed to be Gur Chahal, came to him from behind.

He tries to pull Prem in an attempt to turn his face towards him and slaps him. Sippy Gill can also be seen there on the stage when the incident took place. After an attempt of attack, the attacker was immediately taken behind the stage by the crowd of people on the stage and the show is called off. There are several videos that went viral briefly after this incident. Videos purportedly show scenes from the aftermath of the incident. The attacker can be seen walking out of the show without a shirt with blood all over his face. In the video, he was seen being pushed by the crowd and thrown out of the show. Stay tuned with us for more updates.



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