Who Is Hasan Suleman? Dead Or Alive? Glen Cove Road Accident CCTV Footage Video

After a long, once again a piece of quite shocking news is arriving forward to the people from the East Williston School district, which left uncounted hearts shattered. Yes, you heard right, a student of twelve grade called “Hasan Suleman” is reportedly no more among his close ones, as he met to a frightening accident. Since the news occurred on social media, a wave of massive reactions started taking place, because only a few anonymous reports are claiming his passing in such a manner while, the news seems a bit different from these claiming, so below you could get the comprehensive details.

Hasan Suleman?

Hasan Suleman Is Dead or Alive?

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the incident took place on March 9 in the valley and ever since people have come to know about the news, their very deep reaction is coming out because such an incident is very painful. Almost everyone is expressing their feelings and praying for his well-being because till now no one knows whether he is dead or alive. Because hitherto, only a few anonymous reports are coming out with the claiming while Hasan’s family did not share any statement yet on the incident which indicates the different story.

Reportedly, the incident occurred right into a Nassau inter-County Express bus at IU Willets Road Old Westbury around 03:29 PM on 9th March. At the time of the incident, he was driving alone and no one was with him who could bring him to the hospital, therefore, when the crash sound popped out and their nearest one got the news they brought him to the hospital, this is what is shared by the concerned department. Therefore, still, a few reports are yet to be revealed, because besides these no detail has arrived at the fore, so therefore, it would be inappropriate to pronounce him dead if he is alive.

So here we have shared all those details which have been delivered by other sources, so that’s why some details are still left and as more will come out we will make you familiar for sure. So, therefore, we are advising you to not chase even a single false narrative as long as something genuine comes ahead from the side of his close ones. In short, you will need to wait a bit more to get the accurate one, so stay tuned with us to know more because yet a few reports are delivering a few strange pieces. 

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