Who Is Humberto Rubin? How Did He Die? Cause Of Death Explained

Who Is Humberto Rubin? How Did He Die? Cause Of Death Explained:  Humberto Rubín icon of Paraguayan journalism passed away. Our condolences to the Rubín Family… “Much sorrow for the death of renowned journalist Humberto Rubín, an icon of the Paraguayan press. Without a doubt, one of the most important narrators of Paraguayan history in recent decades. My sincere condolences to his relatives. RIP Humberto Rubín.”

He began his career in broadcast journalism in the late 1950s when he was a 14-year-old teenager. Therefore, for a reporter to broadcast an objective, he must quickly run to the nearest telephone and broadcast the news through the newspaper or radio. 3

Years later, and for a long time, he has been an entertainer and television presenter in most of the radio stations that existed in Asunción at that time, such as Cáritas, Stentor, Emisoras Paraguayo or Radio Guaraní et al.

He traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay, where he worked for several years at Radio Carve.4

In the early days of Uruguayan television, he was the first face to appear on the screen of Channel 10 Saeta in Montevideo. There he also acted with Juan Casanovas.

His character, Cowboy Tom Mix, is loved by children who follow his adventures on the radio and live in Peñarol and other places.

He returned to his country and was in charge of the direction of radio communications until the constitution of Z.P. 14 Radio Ñandutí November 29, 1962

Humberto is also a member of several theater actors such as the Compañía Báez – Reisófer Gómez. He then assembled his own theatrical cast, with whom he performed famous works by important world writers, such as “El Conejo es una Mujer” and “La Tía de Carlos”.

They also produced the first Paraguayan television series with his brothers Armando Rubin, Arturo Rubin and his wife Gloria Rubin.

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