Who Is Ion Overman? Madea Goes To Jail Actress Arrested In PPP Loan Fraud

American actress Ion Overman is once again the hot potato of everyone on social media as she has been charged with fraud by the US Department of Justice. The “The Madea Goes to Jail” actress is one of 19 prime suspects in Georgia’s PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) scam for about $3 million.

All of these suspects are associated with an Atlanta businessman named Mark C. Mason Jr. As time goes on, the case is adding fuel to the fire and everyone’s curiosity is growing, wondering what kind of charges have been imposed on her as a result of the fraud.

Who is Ion Superman? Madea Jailed Actress Arrested in PPP Fraud Charges Explained

Authorities have detained Mason Jr. on charges of helping people apply for loans based on deceptive information, according to exclusive reports or sources. But beyond that, a number of well-known names have emerged, whose primary involvement is in supporting the exploit.

Yes, you heard that right, Carlos Stephen (Master P and advisor to the music producer, of Little Romeo fame), Dale Godboldo (The People V. Oj Simpson, The Year of the Dog and Thor) and Marwin Lewton (OG Shadi Powers), which was somewhat of a buzz because of their names popping up.

According to reports, Ion Overman is a popular American actress who was born on November 9, 1976 in Los Angeles, California, USA, known for her roles on television as Gabrialla Garza in Port Charles, Detective San in Ghost Whisperer Blair, Candace Jewell in L Word et al.

She made her television debut in 1995 with the film The Walking Dead, and she later appeared in the popular soap opera General Hospital. But now her name is in the limelight again thanks to a scam scam.

Despite the allegations, so far there has been no statement from the actress’ side, and no one has commented on the matter. That’s why all these names are surrounded by questioning, as many reports have come up with different accounts over time. Even everyone’s eyes are on the actress’s activities, because everyone wants to know what the truth of it all is, because only she can figure it all out in this way. So here we mention these details from other sources, so we’ll update you when something happens.

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