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Who Is J.D. Crowe? Bluegrass Banjo Icon Dies at 84 How Did He Die?


We are extremely sad and disheartened to share this appalling news of J.D. Crowe passing. As per the reports, the renowned banjo player and a prime member of the bluegrass group New South died at the age of 84. The shocking information was announced through the Facebook account of the musician by his family members. However, the death reasons of the banjo players haven’t been declared so far. All of his family members are mourning his death and wrote “prayers needed for all during this difficult time.” Get more information on J.D. Crowe death reasons.

Who Is JD Crowe? Bluegrass Banjo Icon Dies at 84 How Did He Die?

Besides, Crowe is one of the prominent and lucrative members of the bluegrass world. He was a student of Earl Scruggs under his supervision he learnt to play three-fingered style Banjo. Even after learning Banjo, Crowe pushed his limits and later came up with something huge. As in 1975, Crowe released one of the most crucial albums of Bluegrass World in J.D. Crowe and the New South. He is also known by his other name ‘0044’ which was his catalogue number. Under the commendable leadership of Crowe, New South fetched a huge fan base.

Who is J.D. Crowe?

The band get much swamped in his work due to high popularity, at a time the band played five nights a week at the Sheraton Inn in Lexington. Along with J.D. Crowe, the band also include Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas and Tony Rice. Tony was a guitarist in the band who died last year on Christmas a year earlier than his bandleader.

If we talk more about J.D. Crowe was born in 1937 in Lexington, his full name is James Dee Crown. The musician started involved with a giant of bluegrass along with the guitarist Jimmy Martin in his initial days. He also played gigs collaborated with Martin in Ohio. Later the musician moved to Kentucky to finish her studies in 1958. Later, Crowe andMartin met Paul Williams who engaged in playing radio and began some of the show including Louisiana Hayride and the Wheeling Jamboree.

In 1961 Crowe separated from Martinand came back to home at Lexington and formed a group along with Doyle Lawson and Bobby Slone. They named the group Kentucky Mountain Boys. Later in 1981 Tony Rice and Doyle Lawson joined the band they released The Bluegrass Album. Now, the legendary musician is not with us in this world. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family member. We hope that the pure soul will rest in peace. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and worldwide updates.

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