Who Is Jackie Walorski? Cause Of Death? Incident Explained

Who Is Jackie Walorski? Cause Of Death? Incident Explained: Oh my her family must be heartbroken. RIP Congresswoman Jackie Walorski

Jackie Walorski is a lifelong Indiana native who was born and raised in South Bend and represents Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District.

Oh my her family must be heartbroken. RIP Congresswoman Jackie Walorski

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee and a senior member of the Worker and Families Support Subcommittee, Jackie is focused on helping small businesses and manufacturers grow, expand opportunities for American workers to succeed, and empower individuals and families to prosper. She also serves as a senior member of the House Ethics Committee, working to ensure that House members adhere to the highest standards of transparency, accountability and ethical conduct.

First elected to Congress in 2012, Jackie is dedicated to fighting for Hoosiers, growing our economy, strengthening our national security, supporting our service members and veterans, and preserving the American Dream. She has served on the House Armed Services Committee, the House Veterans Affairs Committee, The House Budget Committee (113th Congress) and the House Agriculture Committee (114th Congress) chair the Nutrition Subcommittee.

Before serving in Congress, Jackie served three terms at the Indiana State Capitol, where she became an assistant leader and worked with then-Governor Mitch Daniels to restore fiscal accountability, reform taxes and health care , and contributed to Indiana’s economic growth.

Jackie and her husband Dean had previously served as missionaries in Romania for four years, where they established and managed a foundation to provide food and medical care to underprivileged children there. Jackie has also worked as a TV news reporter at South Bend and as Director of Advancement for Indiana Colleges and Universities.

The daughter of a firefighter, small business owner and Air Force veteran, Jackie grew up with Indian values ​​of hard work, determination and public service. She brings these values ​​to her ministry on the Second Circuit in Indiana. Jackie and Dean are teachers at Mishawaka School and live in Jimtown.

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