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Who Is Janice Long, Dead Or Alive? English Radio Broadcaster Death Hoax Rumours Explained!


Recently, a quite heartbreaking news is recently reported from England which made million of hearts shattered. Yes, you heard right, reportedly, a famous English radio Broadcaster well known for several of their station called Janice Long is no more among her admirers as she took her last breath on Saturday at the age of 66. Many reports are coming along with different claims that are creating buzz among her die-hard followers who love to consider her as their idol in the radio world. So below you can get the exact news that she is dead or still alive.

Janice Long Dead Or Alive? English Radio Broadcaster Death Hoax Rumours Explained!

According to the reports, Janice Long was battling with many health complications as she was ill for a long, and her health was affected a lot which became the cause of her sudden departure. Hence she was admitted to the nearby hospital so that medical team could make her life savings. These pieces of information have been claimed by the other sources, because no statement is made from the side of her close ones, which indicates that she is still alive. So if these are the rumors then nothing is worst than this, because if someone is alive so no one has a right to pronounce them dead.

Who is Janice Long?

66-years-old Jenice Long is an English radio broadcaster and well popular for her existence in many BBC radio stations. Including BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio and BBC Radio 6 Music, she was born on 5th April 1955 in Liverpool, England. Even several achievements are registered on her name, which makes her popular enough and different than others because her contribution is amazing enough in the world of radio, this is the reason when her death rumors caught the heat, everyone got shocked and started looking forward to getting the exact news, because she is alive.

In short, only rumors are circulating on the entire social media as she is alive, so there is no need to express your sorrow in such a manner. Because a few, rumor spreaders are still existing on social media who always do such things while sharing false narratives to create the buzz among everyone. So we have mentioned such details here that arrived from the reports, so we are also advising you to not follow even a single false narrative or rumor. Because she is absolutely fine, but she did not make any statement because of which, people were reaching on the conclusion.

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