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Who Is Jennifer Pamplona? Wikipedia & Biography – Instagram: Jennifer Pamplona, a Versace model, reportedly spent $6ook to look like Kim Kardashian. As shocking as it sounds, the news happens to be the truth. The model wanted to resemble the American socialite and to achieve that, she spent hundreds of dollars on procedures and surgeries. However, she was not satisfied with the outcome and she went on to spend $120k to detransition back to her former appearance. The young model has been gaining attention on social media since then. Let us find out more information about het=r and the entire matter in the article below.

Jennifer Pamplona,


According to reports, Jennifer has about 40 cosmetic operations just to imitate the celebrity. In a 12-year period, the model underwent around 40 cosmetic surgeries. After going through so many procedures, the 29-year-old model eventually realized that it did fulfill her desire to look like Kim Kardashian but it did not provide her with happiness. Due to the same reason, Jennifer decided to get back to her original appearance by spending a huge amount of money. Talking about the same, Pamplona stated that people would call her a Kardashian and it started to get annoying.

The Versace model further added that she had worked and studied and is a businesswoman and did all these things and had all the achievements in her personal life but she was only being recognized because she looked like a Kardashian. For those unversed, Jennifer Pamplona underwent surgery for the first time at 17 only. Without even knowing it, she developed an addiction to procedures and went on to get three rhinoplasties and eight operations on her bottom including fat injections, and butt implants to mimic Kardashian’s enormous booty. Because of her metamorphosis, Jennifer attracted international notice.

After her transition, the model amassed more than a million Instagram followers. However, she was not happy with how she looked and decided to get back in her original appearance. She added that she found that she was addicted to surgery and she was not even happy with the amount of filler she was putting in her face as it made her feel like she was in the supermarket. Later, Jennifer contacted an Istanbul-based physician who claimed to get her back the original her. She added that she felt like she was having a rebirth. Whatever the reason, it is no doubt to say that she has gained a lot of attention on social media.

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