Who Is Jessica Burgess? What Happened? Incident Explained

Who Is Jessica Burgess? What Happened? Incident Explained:  A woman from Norfolk Nebraska is currently facing felony charges for an alleged illegal abortion of her teen daughter and later burying the fetus of the baby. The accused mother has been identified as Jessica Burgess and she is currently 41 years old. The victim’s teen daughter has been identified as 17 years old Celeste Burgess. According to the reports, Jessica Burgess helped her daughter Celesta were charged with abortion charges, earlier this week.

Who Is Jessica Burgess Facebook Under Fire After Giving Cops Mom's Chats With Teen Daughter About Abortion


Reports have also claimed that Celesta was more than 23 weeks pregnant. Celeste was 23 weeks pregnant which is more than the legal time for aborting the baby according to the law. The Madison County Attorney Joseph Smith released a statement in which he stated that he haven’t heard any case like this. He further continued and stated that usually abortions are conducted in hospitals and under the supervision of doctors and medical staff but this stuff has not been done in this case.

Who Is Jessica Burgess?

Attorney Joseph’s office has charged Jessica Burgess with doing an abortion at more than 20 weeks and also performing an abortion without having any legal license. Joseph also stated in his more than 3 decades of career in the legal field it is for the first time that someone has been charged with such charges. Although both the woman is charged for disposing of the fetus of the baby. Both mother and daughter Jessica and Celesta are facing charges of felony and removing, concealing, and abandoning a deceased human body.

Also, a 22-year-old man has pleaded to no contest as he is accused of helping the mother-daughter duo in disposing of the body of the fetus the baby. The investigation of this case began in April this year. Although this case has grabbed a massive amount of public attention on social media. Social media is recently flooding with the reactions of the public on this case. People aren’t calming down and are coming out with their views and opinions on this case.

Many of the people especially the liberal lobby are seen supporting the mother-daughter duo and while on the other side the conservative lobby is in favor of charges and investigation on both mother-daughter duo. The conservative lobby is calling it the murder of a human being and calling it a felony. Although the mother-daughter waste was released on bail after paying the bond. Celeste was released on a bond of $20000 and Jessica was released on a $10000 bond. The case is in court and proceedings proceed soon.

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