Who Is Jim Iannazzo From Merrill Lynch? James Iannazzo Throws Smoothie on Video leaked twitter

A video of a racist throwing smoother at restaurant staff has gone viral on Twitter and TikTok. Learn more about the clip here.

James Iannazzo

Social media has become a powerful weapon for people to have a voice and support in the face of injustice, racism, attacks and other issues.

Individuals can be found using online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and now TikTok to reveal the truth to the public.

A similar incident happened recently. A racist man who verbally attacked four female employees of a restaurant has used social media to gain much-needed attention.

The girls posted a video of the event on TikTok and it was instantly supported by millions.

Twitter: Who is Merrill Lynch’s James Inazzo?

A video of a racist man that went viral on Twitter has been identified as James Lannazzo, who works at Merrill Lynch.

James is a Wealth Management Advisor and Managing Director at Merrill Lynch. He has been with the company since November 1995.

Additionally, he is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and is a certified personal investment advisor and certified financial planner. He has over 15 years of experience in his current field.

Based on his appearance, Lannazzo appears to be a man in his fifties. Overall, he appears to be a well-educated and deeply rooted family man.

So it’s hard to believe that a mature, wealthy person working for a prestigious company would do such a heinous job.

Speaking of the video, identified man James Lannazzo made racist comments and tried to attack a girl by throwing a smoothie at her.

At first, in the video, James begins yelling at employees and asking them who made his smoothies. The girls replied politely: “We don’t know, sir.”

The man then became violent by racially and verbally attacking them. He called them immigrants, ignorant high school students, and so on.

But things took a turn for the worse when he threw a smoothie at an employee. The girls can be heard shouting: “Call the police!” as things got out of hand

The girls shared the clip on various social media platforms. It spread quickly. Many began mobilizing to support the girls and demand justice.

Initially, a video of four employees being verbally and racially assaulted by James Lannazzo garnered a lot of attention on TikTok.

The video has over ten million views and is still growing. It was first posted by cjjbreezy, who appears to be the girl’s employer.

A minute before the video was recorded, James began shouting racist slurs and screaming at colleagues, the video description said. She went on to say that if anyone saw it in Fairfield, they should contact her.

Cjjbreezy also released the second part of the video, in which they thanked the massive support and confirmed that the man (James Lannazzo) had been arrested and charged.

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