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Dame Jan Henrietta Collins is popularly known as Joan Collins is one of the renowned English actresses. Well, she isn’t only a famous actress but along with that, she is also an author and Columnist. Collins was also acknowledged for several reputed awards including Golden Globe, People’s Choice Award, two soap opera Digest Awards, and a Primetime Emmy Award. She is considered as one of the thriving actresses of Hollywood, but as we all know the more fame you gain numerous controversies will follow you. Joan Collins also collected much attention with her five marriages and now it had been revealed by the actress that she was raped by her first husband.

Joan Collins

The 88 years old actress has stunned all of her fans and the rest of the people when she revealed that she had been raped by her first husband on their first date. According to the reports, her first marriage was with Maxwell Reed. She disclosed this shocking truth in a BBC documentary in her latest interview. She said that she was raped by her ex-husband Maxwell Reed when she went on her date. He initially tried to ‘pimp’ her out for ‘£10,000 a night’.

Who Is Joan Collins First Husband?

At the time she was featured as a stubborn and errant teenager in ‘I Believe in You’, she then met Joan who was 14 years elder than her at that time. She was 17 years old at the time and Maxwell was he was 31 years old. She opened up with more of the event she said that Maxwell had an American accent and it was quite weird for a girl who belong to South London. She said that she got intoxicated first Rohypnol at Maxwell’s house and when she came to her senses she discovered that Maxwell was physically related to her.

She said that at the next moment she was lying on a couch and was being raped by him. She said that her mother was aware of her mishap that now called date rape. She said that her marriage only took place due to heavy guilt but the situation get much worse after their marriage.

She said that her honeymoon was also a fiasco as they were looking happy but behind the smile, they both knew the sadness and embarrassment. The events just awestruck everyone, to know more watch the complete interview of Joan Collins on BBC Documentaries. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and worldwide updates.

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