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Who is Joseph Iniguez? Top LA County DA Official is Arrested in Azusa Check Reason


A senior police official of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s was arrested by the Police authority after getting alleged Public Intoxication. The officer has been identified as Joseph Iniguez,  Gascón’s chief of staff of the Azusa Police Department on Tuesday. According to the latest reports, he was arrested by the Police at around 11:30 PM, the incident took place on 11 December 2021. After taking the official to custody, however, the official was released a short while after the complaint of the incident had been filed against the officer.

Top LA County DA Official is Arrested in Azusa

The Special Advisor to Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón named Alex Bastian stated that he was arrested on the ground of a personnel matter that he was unable to disclose. On behalf of one of his statements “We are aware of the incident. The District Attorney has the utmost confidence in Joseph.” The 36 years old senior official of Asuza Police Departement is leading diversified special units including the DA’s Justice System Integrity Divison. The department looks after the record of the officers involved in any serious misconduct in past.

Besides, one of the trusted sources of media informed that the chief of staff was leaving for a wedding when his car got halted by the other police officers during a random check and he pulled out and alleged public intoxication. the official was released from custody after a few hours and earlier to this no criminal charges have been registered so far. The police released the statement after analyzing the previous records of the chief of staff.

As per another report, Iniguez hadn’t inquiry organized by NBC LA. The news of getting a chief police official arrested went viral all over the Internet and citizens and netizens of Los Angeles are giving various reactions to this. As of now, Iniguez hasn’t made any sort of statement regarding his arrest, but he become the talk of the town with the incident. A number of people are getting keen to know about the case. We will get back to you with more information regarding the case. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and worldwide updates.

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