Who is Justin Johnson? (Rapper Straight Drop) Identified As Murderer Of Young Dolph Check Images Where is He Now?

Once again, the hip-hop world is remaining the hot potato among everyone especially those who are the true admirers of rapper Young Dolph aka Adolph Robert Thornton..Jr. Yes, you heard right, recently his sudden passing news took place on social media and left everyone in deep shock. It is being told that he has been shot by another rapper whose name is Justin Johnson and this convict is only 23 years old. Despite being so young, he committed such a terrible crime that no one had any idea, but as soon as he shot the victim, he died, even his near and dear one did not get time to take him to the hospital. 

Who Is Justin Johnson

As per the exclusive reports or sources, after committing the crime, there is no trace of the offender as he has run away or has gone into hiding. But the investigation and interrogation are being taken forward by the concerned department so that, the culprit can be caught as soon as possible because there is no confidence that he is a danger to anyone else as well.  Therefore, the police department is taking very strict steps to catch the culprit so that he cannot run away from their hands for a long time.

Who Is Justin Johnson (Straight Drop)?

23-years-old Justin Johnson also known as Jaiya he is 5-foot-8-inches long, and prior to this also came into the limelight, as he still exists on the list of TBI’s “Most Wanted” and has the tattoo on his right arm. The concerned department has released the first-degree murder warrant against him while urging the public that if someone will get something regarding him so please let them inform. So that, they could take strict action against him as soon as they come while taking him into custody.

Recently, a statement has been conferred by the Rapper’s aunt called Rita Myers who said that ” They are going through a great shock of losing their close ones in such manner which they did not even suppose” and meanwhile urging the concerned department to take the defaulter into the custody as soon as possible. So that, he could get the appropriate sentence as he became the cause of their loved one’s unexpected demise. Even the victim’s die-hard supporters are seeking justice for him too, while requesting to the police to punish the defaulter in such a manner that he could even dare to execute such crimes again.

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