Who is Karlie Brooks? Photos and videos leaked onlyfans and reddit

A p0rn star has shared a “cringe” message her uncle sent her as he discovered her means of making a living.

The X0X actress, who works under the stage name Karlie Brooks, shared a screenshot of the nauseating text in a TikTok video last week, The Sun reported.

Karlie Brooks

Carly, who has 60,000 followers on the video-sharing platform, said she has managed to keep her profession a secret from her family for five years.

However, her X-rated videos — which have racked up millions of views on adult sites P0rnHub and OnlyF — have finally caught up with her. In a TikTok clip that has garnered 8.5 million views, she explained that she had been avoiding her family’s suspicions until she got a text from her uncle.

He asked his niece if she knew famous p0rn star Riley Reid, and asked if she had a “friend” profile on OnlyF.

The uncle asked, “Hey boy! This is your uncle. I think I might have stumbled across your video today…very good. Do you happen to know Riley Reed? Do you have OnlyF too? My friend wants to know.”

Carly said the chilling message made her “cringe”. She did not share whether she responded.

Her post was met with a flurry of hateful comments from some users who criticized her career choices. Others, on the other hand, expressed support for the adult star, calling her uncle a “worm.”

One netizen commented: “Why start with ‘boy’!!?” Another wrote: “I’m so sorry for all these people, I’m so sorry your uncle did that, you don’t deserve it.”

When the third said: “The fact that he said ‘very good’ made my body fold in on itself.” Others suggested Carly share the text with her family.

One commenter wrote: “If my uncle sent me this. I’ll tell everyone straight. That’s a mess.”

Another commented: “Sorry, he’s creepy. I hope he doesn’t dump you on the rest of your house. If you think he will, just walk up to it and tell them first, but fuck any people’s opinion.”

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