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Who Is Karthika? Justice for Karthika Trends On Social Media Murder Case Explained


Currently, the entire nation is seeking justice for Karthika as her body was recovered by the police after the schoolgirl went missing. The 15-year-old girl belonged to Sivanandhapuram, Coimbatore. She had been missing until the cops found her dead body on Thursday, December 16, 2021. The teenager’s dead body was found near Saravanampatti in a sack. Ever since the disheartening piece of news came to light, netizens are enraged. They are demanding justice for the young soul and are asking to punish the culprits as soon as possible. “Justice for Karthika” has occupied all the top trends on the internet.

Who Is Karthika? Justice for Karthika Trends On Social Media? Murder Case Explained

As per reports, Karthika was a teenager studying in grade 10. She was, reportedly, missing for almost a week as she was last seen on December 11, 2021. A woman from the Saravanampatti area located in Coimbatore has two daughters aged 17 and 15 while she was living with her mother ever since she was divorced. The woman’s youngest daughter was 15, who studied in 10th.

What Happened To Karthika?

Reports claim that on Dec 11, the entire family had gone out for construction work while Karthika was at home alone. The family got worried about the girl when they did not find her at home after returning from work. It is coming forward that the family looked for Karthika in all possible places and even tried her cell phone which was switched off at that moment but they couldn’t locate her. Karthika’s school friends were also asked about the former but sadly no one had any idea about her whereabouts.

Later, one of the neighbours informed the family that Karthika was seen leaving the house while talking on the phone on Dec 11. The neighbour also confirmed the dress colour which she was wearing that day. Next, Karthika’s family filed a missing complaint at the Saravanampatti police station. Later, All Women Police Station, located in Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, got the case and started their investigation to find the missing girl. The authorities were informed by a stench coming from a bush near the missing girl’s residence.

The cops reached the place and found a sack. After tearing the sack, Karthika’s body was recovered. According to the police, the girl’s legs, mouth, and arms were tied while her face was distorted. Now, the police authorities have sent the body for autopsy as they suspect that Karthika was sexually abused and assaulted. Also, it is coming that Kartika’s mother has an illegal affair with Muthukumar who lives nearby. The investigation is underway while justice has been sought by the people.

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