Who is Kathalina Naranjo Nopor? Kathalina Naranjo Nopor video trending on Twitter

Kathalina Naranjo Nopor Trending videos get a lot of attention, the authors of such content often face criticism for promoting behaviour that is against the law.

One such artist is living in Medellin, and his work is gaining attention and criticism on the internet.

Who is Kathalina Naranjo Nopor?

Kathalina Naranjo is the name of the content creator in question, and she has a track record of making themed video and articles for the internet.

Worryingly, despite receiving several complaints, Kathalina frequently records these recordings publicly.


People became interested in watching when she posted a video of herself acting lt online. The performer Kathalina can found not just account but also on other social media platforms.

She is also a model for many other social networking sites.

Kathalina Naranjo Nopor Trending video

Kathalina recently uploaded a video of herself having in front of an audience. The transportation and public affairs officials were ashamed to learn of this video’s existence.


Kathalina did the thing on a subway cable with passersby looking on. She being filmed, and the resulting clip became an internet sensation.

The video has seen over a million times and has sold over 600,000 copies, but the uploader, Katharina, has yet to respond to the official remarks.

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