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Who Is Kay Flock? Bronx Rapper Arrested On Murder Charge Check Real Name Bio Age


Once again the name is surfacing on the internet and after getting arrested however, it is not the first time when kay flock, or better say Kevin Perez got nabbed by the police but has also been to jail On November 13, 2021, for possessing guns and weapons. Well, now when the boy is grabbing headlines after a video of him went viral over the internet people are searching about him and it seems like he will get more fame now and that too across the globe. So, if you are one of those who are keen to know about the reason so stick around.

Who Is Kay Flock? Bronx Rapper Arrested On Murder Charge Real Name Bio Age

When it comes to talking about his recently happened incident than at the time of arrest he had some charges of keeping weapons but later it came that he only used those as an additional thing for his music video it will look like a gangsta song but unfortunately he got caught and coming to the current situation so Kay Flock has been to custody in the Bronx, and another interesting this that we got through the internet is, his news of arrest seems to be a rumor. However, most of the big rappers and celeb have shared the same post on several social media accounts that Kay got arrested once again.

Who Is Kay Flock Or Kevin Perez?

So, there is no doubt that the name does not need any introduction but still, some people are searching about his wiki and bio so we would like to let you know that Kevin Perez or Kay Flock is an 18 years old underground rapper whose songs are nowadays forcing listeners to vibe. As per the sources, details on him are yet to come and we are trying harder to get all the latest updates for you.

Now talking about his again in the trend reason or why Kay Flock got arrested. So, as you all know that the rapper is one of those starts who been to jail usually but this time he has killed a 24 years old man and the man’s identity is yet to be confirmed so stay tuned with us because here you will get to know about everything on him.

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