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The murder of Oscar Hernandez shook everyone, a small fight over trifles claimed the life of a man. According to the reports issued by the Police authority that it was nothing the quarrel was nothing for which a man get killed. If we talk about the entire incident, Hernandez was at a barbershop on Amsterdam Ave. at W. 151st St. and waiting for his turn to get his hair cut. At the time Kevin enters the shot and poked Hernandez by asking what he looking for and get away from there. Get more information regarding Kevin Perez below.

Kay Flock

After this Hernandez went after Kevin to face him, Kevin saw Hernandez and head to him. Hernandez was in front of Kevin and was asking what was his problem but Kevin took out his revolver and shot Hernandez. The people who witnessed the incident was awestruck and their blood runs cold. The Police reached the crime spot and Oscar was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. Police took Twitter and issued a Wanted poster for the killer. However, the police authority managed to arrest the killer and even proceeded him to court.

The news of Hernandez murder started surfacing on the Internet, the wanted poster of NYPD also started circulating all over the Internet that informed about the criminal. The suspect’s real name is Kevin Perez who also known as Kay Flock. The alias of the murdered put almost everyone in a dilemma and zillions of people thought that the famous rapper Kay Flock had been involved in a murder and on run. The links of the murder unintentionally got connected to the famous rapper due to a huge misunderstanding.

Well, now, it has been cleared that rapper Kay Flock doesn’t have any kind of connection with all this crime. He is a renowned rapper and won the hearts of all the people with his songs. In addition to this that Kevin intentionally murdered Oscar as he was a member of a Bronx based gang named Thirdside gang, however, the family is denying the statement and said that Kevin was mistaken the person.

The victim’s sister stated that Hernandez was not a member of any gang he was a father and was working at a food delivery service for survival. We will get back to you more on this. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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