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Who Is Keith Humphrey? Little Rock’s Police Chief Suspended After NYE Shooting


Keith Humphrey, Little Rock Police Chief, has gotten suspended after his “all hands on deck” approach failed. As per reports, the chief has been put on leave after he shot a woman by accident while he was aiming at another person. Well, this mistake has landed Keith Humphrey a suspension and has made him a topic of debate among the general public too. Netizens are discussing whether he should be punished or not as what he did was not intentional and was completely an accident. Check what exactly happened here in this article.

Who Is Keith Humphrey? Little Rock's Police Chief Suspended After NYE Shooting

It has been reported that Keith Humphrey has been suspended after Little Rock Police Department found the chief involved in the shooting that took place on Saturday, January 1, 2022. His suspension came one day after the shooting occurred. Reports suggest that he shot a 22-year-old woman named Kelecia Mayo while he was aiming at another woman, Taz Hayes. A video of the incident is also going viral on the internet where it is seen that a man and woman get in a heated argument.

Why is Keith Humphrey Suspended?

The verbal spat soon results in the woman smashing a white car’s window with a phone. While the couple were arguing, another woman, Hayes, pulled out a gun and aimed at them and opens fire. However, no one gets hurt in the incident. Meanwhile, the police chief who was out on patrol saw a disturbance at the scene. As the 29-year-old Hayes was reportedly defending the man as she shot into a crowd of bystanders.

It was the moment when the chief pulled out his gun and decided to shoot the said woman. However, the target missed and the bullet hit and wounded another woman instead. Later, the victim was rushed to the nearby hospital. Currently, the injured woman’s condition is critical. While the accident happen, Hayes used the opportunity and fled the scene. However, the officers took the woman into custody later and now she has been charged with first-degree battery.

Arkansas State Police have been ordered to investigate both the fight and shooting case thoroughly which eventually led an officer to shoot an innocent woman. Now, Larry Jegley, the state’s prosecutor, will determine if the chief violated any laws or not. The Mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott, has released a statement on the matter on Twitter and has announced that not much information would be made available until the investigation is done.

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