Who Is Kerry Whelan? Cause Of Death? Incident Explained

Who Is Kerry Whelan? Cause Of Death? Incident Explained:  Ruth Burrell was killed for money. In 1995, grandmother Dorothy Davis left her Lurline Bay home to visit Burrell’s home. She was never seen again. Burrell owes Ms. Davis $100,000, which she hopes to return. He was convicted of murder in 2008.

In 1997 he kidnapped former employer Kerry Whelan – who was last seen with him in Parramatta – and sent her husband a $1 million ransom note. After a lengthy trial, Burrell was convicted of murder in 2006. Like Dorothy Davis, he never said where Kerry Whelan was buried, and their bodies were never found. This has greatly increased the suffering of the families of the two victims.

Burrell owns a farm adjacent to the Bungonia Wilderness on the edge of the Southern Highlands. Police conducted an extensive search of the area but found no graves. Such cases have prompted the NSW government to consider banning dead bodies, banning parole laws, but unfortunately, that has not helped the families. Burrell died in prison in 2016 without revealing where he left his victims.

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