Who Is Kevin Ford? What Happened?

Who Is Kevin Ford? What Happened?: Kevin Ford, a Burger King employee, has become one of the trending topics on the internet now. The man has gone viral on social media after he completed 27 years of being in service. It is not the only thing that has made him go viral but the goodie bag he received on completing 27 years by his employer. The internet has gotten divided about the measly goodie bag he received on the work milestone. To show him respects, social media users united to raise money for him. Check full details here.



The burger king employee took to Twitter to share a video where he was seen sharing what he has received after giving 27 years to the American-based multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Kevin went on to reveal the stuff he got in the goodie bag which include some chocolates, mints, a plastic sipper, and a movie ticket. Yes, you read that right. After giving so many years to the employer, the man only got a goodie bag consisting of some cheap things on his retirement.

Although Kevin Ford looked happy while seeing the stuff inside the bag, social media users did not really like it. Internet users criticized it saying Kevin deserved better. Later, Kevin Ford’s daughter Seryna set up a crowdfunding link for him. To her surprise, they received an outpouring of support. Seryna created the link on GoFundMe on June 20. Within 10 days, they raised over $2,37,232 from 7.3k donors.

Kevin’s daughter shared that her father did not miss a single day of work in the last 27 years at Burger King. She added that he started working there as a single father. It was when he gained custody of her and her older sister. Kevin continued working there even after he remarried. According to Seryna, her father kept working at Burger King because of the amazing health insurance he got there. Kevin’s daughter said by creating a GoFundMe page, she is not expecting any money but if anyone feels like blessing her father, they can donate.

Ever since the man has gone viral on multiple platforms including Twitter and Instagram. As people are coming in large numbers and are supporting him speaks a lot about the viral matter. Following Kevin Ford’s viral video, many publications have featured him and his amazing work history at Burger King. Keep following our site for more such kinds of latest updates and the news.

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