Who Is Kim Potter? Daunte Wright Death Murder Suspect Police Officer Found Guilty

Kim Potter, the former police officer of Minnesota, was found guilty of killing an African American man Daunte Wright. She has been convicted of first and second-degree manslaughter as she had been reported to have “mistakenly” killed the man with her gun. It has come forward that Kim Potter mistook her gun for a taser and unintentionally she shot fire and murdered the 20-year-old man. The incident had caught the attention of the public who slammed the officer for being so careless. Check the latest details of the case and hearing in this article.

Who Is Kim Potter? Daunte Wright Death Murder Suspect Police Officer Found Guilty

As per reports, Kim Potter halted a black motorist during a traffic stop. The former officer had stated that she got confused with her gun for a Taser and shot the motorist. Now, after four days of deliberation by the mostly white jury, Potter has been found guilty of first and second-degree manslaughter. The Brooklyn Center officer will have to face almost seven years behind the bars under the state’s sentencing guidelines.

Kim Potter Guilty Of Daunte Wright Murder

However, prosecutors have said that they would try to see a longer-term. It was ordered by Judge Regina Chu that Kim would be detained and held without bail while Regina scheduled her to be sentenced on February 18. Briefing the incident, the 49-year-old officer had killed a 20-year-old boy during a traffic stop on April 11 in Brooklyn Center. It was reported that she along with other officers were trying to arrest the said boy and that he was on an arrest warrant.

It came forward that the boy was accused of possessing illegal weapons. Two days after the shocking incident, Potter had resigned. A CCTV footage of the said incident was also shown to the jury where Potter was seen pointing her gun at the man and saying that she will tase him. Later, Kim Potter fired a bullet from her gun right in the boy’s chest. The former officer was seen saying she just shot him as she grabbed the wrong gun. Potter said that she is going to go to prison.

Kim Potter argued in court that she did not kill him intentionally and that it was purely a mistake. However, Potter has been finally found guilty of manslaughter and has been sentenced to serve seven years in prison. Besides, a bizarre of Kim Potter smiling in her mugshot is also going viral on the internet where everyone is slamming her for showing no remorse at all while calling her laugh ‘Pure evil”.

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