Who is Larvell Huddleston? Brown Deer Shooting Suspect Criminal History

Larvell Huddleston has an open gun-related criminal case that has been repeatedly delayed due to COVID policies and a backlog of jury trials.

Multiple police sources say police believe Ravel Huddleston was the shooter in the Brown Deer active shooting incident that left three people dead (including the 26-year-old suspect) and one person on February 5, 2022. Injuried. Although the police chief was at a news conference, authorities were not sure a man who was live on Facebook was the suspect in the incident, and he later confirmed that police were aware of the Facebook live broadcast during the incident.

The man, who was live-streaming from Larvell Huddleston’s Facebook page, which has now been completely deleted, spoke of shooting police during the livestream. Police believe he is the shooter, three sources said, but his name has not been released. You can view the Facebook Live video here.

You can see drone imagery and video from the scene throughout the story.

Brown Deer police now say they believe the suspect committed suicide and it all stemmed from a domestic dispute. The others who were shot were a 31-year-old white man and a 23-year-old black woman. It is unclear if any of the victims were shot at random, but it involved hallways, second-floor apartments and balconies.

It turns out that Larvell Huddleston has a pending criminal case in Milwaukee County. A review of online court records showed he had no prior criminal record in Wisconsin. His Facebook page has been removed, saying he is from Chicago. If you’re not a law enforcement officer, a national criminal record search isn’t possible, and not all of Cook County’s records are online. The chief said he was not aware of a criminal record.

Wisconsin court records show a pending case.

Wisconsin court records show he was released on a $250 signed bond in a pending concealed weapons case, a misdemeanor charge. His jury trial, originally scheduled for July 2021, has been repeatedly delayed. Although the case was filed in October 2020, the most recent jury trial date is March 2022.

A friend shared this music video.

Before that, Ravel Huddleston had been free to move on the streets. This is not the first time court cases have been delayed repeatedly due to Milwaukee County court backlogs and COVID policies. We start by reporting that Milwaukee County has a two-year felony backlog. Milwaukee County, even in late December 2021, is not fully utilizing jury trial capacity due to social distancing policies that limit the number of courtrooms that can accommodate juries. All of these decisions mean that old jury trials continue to be delayed.

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