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Who is lasirena69 on Onlyfan? Watch Photos and videos Online


She was born at the Leopoldo Aguerrevere Clinic and studied at the Santiago de León School in Caracas.

Antonella prepared her dissertation on the humanities of geisha. In a two-year diversification cycle, she produced a work entitled “Approximation of a concept of women to understand geisha”, which involved The female s3x working in this industry ranges from ancient Greek and Japanese hetairs. geishas to contemporary pr0stitution.

She participated in social exchanges for several semesters at the University of Santa María, and left her professional career to study advertising at the New Career Institute in Las MMercedes.

She also studied several photography courses at the Foto Arte School and spent five months in the office, she worked in broadcasting in Caracas until 2015 when she decided to emigrate to Miami, United States. She suffered several job layoffs that prompted her to dedicate herself to the p0rn industry.

She was selected as “Pet of the Month” by Penthouse, a pornographic content magazine, and was recognized in the AVN (Adult Video News) category for “Best New Actress”. She has appeared on the covers of magazines such as UB Magazine and posing for photographers such as Mike Ohrangutang. Currently working in Los Angeles, California

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