Who Is Lorenzen Wright? Cause Of Death? What Happened?

Who Is Lorenzen Wright? Cause Of Death? What Happened?:Lorenzen Wright the popular former NBA star, his horrendous murder shocked and shattered everyone. Back in the year 2010, his body was found decomposed in a field way. This news was one of the most tragic and shattering news of that year. This news made a lot of headlines that year, although this case still emerges to be one of the most shattering and shocking of all. People still get devastated when they hear about this case on social media or media.

Lorenzen Wright Murder Case Updates: NBA Star Dead Body Found In Field Who Killed Him?


Lorenzen Wright was one of the greatest players in the country, he played for a grand total of 13 seasons after being drafted into the league in 1996. According to the reports the popular NBA star disappeared on the night of 18 July 2010. The more shocking news, in this case, was when her ex-wife ShGuiltyright pleaded Guilty for her involvement in the brutal murder of Lorenzen Wright. Believing the reports, Sherra is currently serving her punishment of 30 years in prison.

Lorenzen Wright Murder Case Updates

Lorenzen Wright and Sherra Wright went through a Divorce. According to the reports after their divorce Sherra appointed Two men named Billy Ray Turne and Jimmie Martin to help in murdering her ex-husband and basketball star Lorenzen Wright. During the court proceedings, it was found out that the Basketball star had earlier also skipped a murder attempt on him. Billy Ray and Jimmie Martin once broke into his Lorenzen’a apartment to kill him.

But their mission to Kill Lorenzen was not completed as Lorenzen was not present in his apartment at that moment. Billy and Jimmie went with their guns to assassinate the star at his apartment during the first attempt to kill him. Reports have also stated that Sherra and Billy Ray Turner shared a romantic relationship. They both met in a Church and since then the couple got close to each other and shared a lovely romantic relationship. Sherra Manipulated her lover Billy Jay Turner to involve and commit this felony.

Later the couple also involved Jimmie in their plan to brutally murder the basketball star. This news shattered many people all across the country. According to the reports, Wright’s fans and admirers were heartbroken when they got to know that their favorite NBA star has been murdered by her ex-wife and her lover. This news created a sensation in the country all together. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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