Who Is Lucia Loi & Baby? Marcus Rashford Reunited With Childhood Sweetheart Eight Months After Shock Split

Once again, Marcus Rashford & Lucia Loi is coming into the limelight regarding their current relationship status, and remain the subject of hot discussion among everyone, especially those who are following them for a long. But a few are addressing this piece of news as a false narrative or rumour because 8 months ago both had a stunning breakup in such a manner. So, therefore, it is hard to believe such news as the reports are claiming about their current relationship status that both have reunited again after sorting out everything, so below you could get the comprehensive details along with some untold facts.

lucia loi marcus rashford baby

According to the latest reports, After sharing a mysterious post of a tattooed arm touching the boot, Lucia and Marcus sparked the rumours that both have reunited. But as the news is progressing ahead, a lot of such news is coming out which no one knew before, that is why both remained the subject of discussion. Because before this no one was aware of their relationship, but if suddenly the news is coming out, then there may be some truth in it because no one knows the truth yet, as only the reports are claiming.

Now, everyone is looking forward to getting some pieces of vital information about Lucia Loi, so as far as our sources are concerned, Lucia Loi is the one who was supporting Marcus Rashford during the 2018 soccer match, and her face was clearly appearing in the clip of the match. She is well known as an account supervisor for incorporation in Manchester, but besides this, her name is again catching the heat as Marcus and her relationship are fetching the massive attention of the users. Because 8 months ago something fishy has occurred with the two which was the reason behind their separation.

If we talk about the further reports, then a lot of their admirers are saying that taking a break for 8 months was probably fine for the two, because both need to take time as their relationship was getting some obstacles. So it would not be inappropriate to say that if rich be not elected, if poor be not dejected. You could also see the photo which has been posted on social media through Lucia Loi in which a hand is appearing while touching the boot, so yet no official statement has been made by the two, hence, whenever something will come we will update you.  

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