Who Is Luz Raquel Padilla? Biography – What Happened?

Who Is Luz Raquel Padilla? Biography – What Happened?: A horrendous incident took place in Zapopan, Mexico, when a 35 years old woman was burnt alive by her neighbours. The incident came to the attention of the law enforcement and they analyzed the complete scene. After investigation, the police officials were identified as Luz Raquel Padilla. The entire incident ensued on 16th July 2022. This horrific news spread all over the Internet like a wildfire and shocked all the people who have learnt about it. The entire town has shocked and demanded justice for the woman. Get more information on who is Luz Raquel and what happened to her.

Luz Raquel Padilla


The latest reports asserted by information, sources affirmed that the people who attacked the lady plunged her into alcohol before burning her. The lady was rushed to the hospital later and received treatment. The medical reports informed that 90% of her body was affected by the fire. She fought the battle to survive but eventually succumbed to her severe injuries. The police authority is currently investigating the case and hunting all the suspects including in such an awful crime. The authority also proclaimed that they will found the accused and will provide a stern punishment.

The investigation team also got their hand on the complaint against her neighbours. Her neighbours spray-painted death threats on the walls of her apartment in the month of May of the ongoing year. She also informed law enforcement that she would have attacked and uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform. The investigation team is being led by the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office and trying to untangle the case under femicide protocol. They are also aware of the complaint filed by the victim against her neighbour due to the regular disturbance a couple of months before the attack.

The investigation team is also trying to figure out if the attacker was already presented at the location where Padilla was attacked or not. During a hearing state prosecutor, Luis Joaquín Méndez summoned one of Padilla’s neighbours who informed them that Padilla is survived by her son who is looked after by his grandfather and aunt.

It is being said that her son is diagnosed with severe autism and made loud noises when he was in pain that might provoke the neighbours. On another hand, the lady had a problem with them because of playing loud music that triggered her son that wasn’t appropriate for him.

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