Who Is Maddy Wilford? Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Her? Death Rumours Explained

Who Is Maddy Wilford? Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Her? Death Rumours Explained: Maddy Wilford, you all must have heard this name somewhere or the other. This name is one of the most popular names in America. This name was over the headlines just 2-3 years ago. Maddy Wilford was the victim of the deadly shooting of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the year 2018. Maddy was shot with three rounds of bullets. Reports have claimed that the bullets shot her badly and she was lying in a pool of blood.

Who Is Maddy Wilford Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Her? Death Rumours Explained


Reports have further stated that she was found in a very bad state. At first, the police officials thought she had passed away as she was not responding to them after she was shot brutally. But later, Maddy Wilford started responding to them while she was handed over to the medical assistants and paramedics. Even the doctors stated that she was shot brutally and deeply and there was very less to saving Maddy Wilford but she came out as a warrior and she fought all the wounds and she recovered from the deadly bullet wounds that she suffered.

Who Is Maddy Wilford?

The gunman who committed this barbaric brutality was detained by the police officials and the case got into court proceedings. Lately, the case is going through its proceedings and thus again this name is being popped up in the headlines and buzzes all across. The gunman who committed this barbaric massacre had been identified as Nikolas Cruz. Nikolas Cruz the accused was arrested by the police authorities. He was the one who committed this barbarity in Parkland Florida High School.

Maddy Wilford’s brother John Wilford took a stand on Thursday in the courtroom during the trial. The trial of this case started after the felon Nikolas Cruz pleaded guilty in October last year. Nikolas Cruz murdered almost 17 lives in that barbaric and nefarious massacre. He shot all of them. The massacre had a great saddening impact on everyone. Students gathered in large numbers to hold protests against this inhumane massacre. This massacre caused the life of 14 innocent students and 3 adults.

What Happened To Her?

The incident was barbaric as hell. It had a great saddening and shattering impact on everyone. This massacre has been one of the most barbaric, brutal, and nefarious homicides in the history of the United States Of America. Many people have spoken about it. People are still angered by this ongoing massacre. Everybody is full of anger and they all are demanding justice from the judiciary. As the case is in the trials everybody is eyeing the judgment of this barbaric massacre.

There has been a massive and drastic increase in barbaric crimes in America. The world suggests superpower is leaning towards a different and very wrong side. The responsible authorities must intervene strictly to avoid these brutalities. These homicides and massacres are killing innocent Americans.

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