Who Is Maja Staśko and Mrs Honey? What Happened?

Maja Staśko is getting ready for her first MMA fight. The organizers revealed who will be the opponent of the popular activist, which, as they emphasize, will be a clash between a feminist and a girl who has experienced many scandals.

Maja Staśko agreed to participate in the next High League Freak Fight gala. The information caused a lot of buzz on the Internet, as Maja Staśko was considered one of the last people who could participate in such an event.

At the same time, the activist claimed that this type of struggle has nothing to do with promoting violence. “I heard people say that fighting in the Octagon is violence. No! It’s a sport – everyone knows the rules and agrees to them. It’s the opposite of violence. Violence is without consent” – she argued on Twitter.

Maja Staśko assured that she had carefully analyzed the proposal and made a decision, not only for economic reasons. The proof is that it will donate 40 thousand. PLN from your social insurance contribution.

The party is almost here. The organizers announced that the opponent of Maja Staśko will be the presenter Ewa Wyszatycka, known on the web as Mrs. Honey. “However, she has gained immense popularity, not only because of her work on Twitch, but also because of many scandals, scandals and controversies. Recently, her OnlyFans account has attracted attention. She reminds viewers of her involvement in the Early scandal and tumultuous relationship with fellow HIGH League player Maciej “Zonym” Zoniuk “- we read in the release.

The organizers themselves emphasize that Ewa Wyszatycka has experienced many scandals and scandals, so they believe that she will be an interesting opponent for the activist and feminist Maja Staśko. On Instagram, her profile has 133,000 followers. people. Her YouTube account has less than 30,000 views. people. In the last question and answer session, Ewa told others about her nose surgery in Turkey.

The inaugural HIGH League 4 conference will be held on YouTube HIGH League on August 10 at 20:00, in the evening scheduled for September 17 in Arena Gliwice.

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