Who Is Mario Alonzo Fannin? Suspect in LaGrange Shooting Arrested Now

Mario Alonzo Fannin is the name of the terror, the eminent dreaded man is smashing the headlines nowadays for his mayhem. The 24 years old make your blood run cold for sure. According to the reports he had executed a couple of men due to unspecified and ever since was on a run. The American citizen is well-known for his jeopardized act and killing. As per the reports, he had shot another person after which he came to the attention of the law enforcement and they were chasing for him for a long. Gather more facts on Who is Alonzo Fannin.

Mario Alonzo Fannin

As we mentioned above that Fannin is an American citizen who is a killer and was on the list of some most wanted criminals before he took down by the police after his second killing. The accused was detained from the 1400 block of Juniper Street in LaGrange. The Police officer took the atrocious criminal into custody and proceed with the investigation. However, the officials haven’t got the reasons behind his killing but they are assuring the citizens and the family of the victim that they will conclude the case and will try their best to provide a stern punishment to the culprit.

The police department even urges the onlookers and the local people to assist them in order to conclude the case. If we talk more about the culprit, his full name is Mario Alonzo Fannin who has been alleged with the charges of possessing illegal weapons and even murdering a decent man. As per one of the statements released by the police that the killing was executed at the My Food Mart on Hamilton street in late hours on Sunday on 20th March 2022. The officers obtained this information in their initial investigation.

As far as the reports concerning the victim, the person has been identified as Dearko Thornton who was found ineffective at Hamilton street. He was just 23 years of his age at the time of his death. He was brutally wounded and bleeding heavily at the time emergency service approached him. He promptly rushed to the nearest hospital where he was declared lifeless by the doctors.

However, Thornton’s murder culprit fled from the scene with the murder weapon in his hand but somehow the police force managed to take him down and proceed him for further investigation. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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