Who Is Mary Jayne? Contestant Sues MasterChef’ Producers Check What Happened Exactly?

Mary Jayne Buckingham whom you all have watched previously on the set of MasterChef in the 11th season recently started grabbing headlines after she filed a lawsuit against the makers of the show. She said that she had a stroke while working in the kitchen and no one even looked at her at the time she got the stroke. As per the sources it came to know that she filed a lawsuit against the producer of the show because she was forced to film for 14 hours despite showing the signs that she is having a stroke.

Who Is Mary Jayne masterchef

According to the sources when she was asked about her decision that why did she file the lawsuit against the producer, at that time she replied that FOX’s production house compelled her to film for 14 hours while she was indicating signs of a stroke, and despite telling them about her stroke she replies that she did not get any medical care. She was on the 11th season of the FOX cooking show. Mary Jayne suffered a stroke on March 10, 2020s morning. She told the sources that she even told the producers before the shoot but no one heard her and as a result, the lady filmed for 14 hours despite having a stroke.

She said that the time for the shoot was not scheduled at that time but still she did not get any medical help and was forced to take part in the baking challenge. She said that she told them about her stroke so many times but not even a single time her pleas was heard. though she did not have any stroke while the shoot but there were complications for the same but when the shoot got completed after 14 hours she got the stroke.

Now, when the case has entered the court so now watching this, is going to be a deal to watch if she will get justice or not because she worked forcefully and there should have some medical help because it was all about her health and what if she lost her life on set. Stay tuned to get all the latest news and cases updates.

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