Who Is Mary Lauren? What Happened? Biography & Instagram

Who Is Mary Lauren? What Happened? Biography & Instagram:  My name is Mary Lauren. I am the wife of a man who usually wears flannel and a mother of two little boys and a lovely little girl. We recently moved to South Carolina from Southern California and are renovating a southern charmer by the lake. My background is in business administration and sometimes I’m not sure how this happens. My heart beats for design, art, and all things beautiful…really. I have an unhealthy obsession with tiny gold jewelry and antique finds.

Lauren, this is weird. You literally summed up two of my many quirks. Collect plates, never use them, love fashion but hate prep! As for REAL, Michael even laughed at what was happening on the pitch. Drive him crazy! We are really sisters. Love the new photos! ! !

By complete coincidence, I just read a wonderful article about 10 things that make you happier at home and actually love it. I found it on Pinterest. I think the lady seemed to have some good ideas and clicked “about” and it happened to be long lost friend Lauren! Just wanted to say hi, I love your post, I will definitely be using it at home and will have my husband try it too! Glad you did a great job!

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