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Who is Mayengg03? Check Her Viral TikTok Video Real Name Girl Head Gets Chopped Off?


Hey, Netizens as you all know that recently we heard news where a girl’s head gets chopped off. The video is being searched now and thousands of people are still searching that Who is Mayengg03? The name has been creating a buzz over the internet once again. However, what is the reason that the girl and the case are again getting hype, here you will get the complete update on the case and also the viral video’s explanation so stick around.

Who is Mayengg03

So, the case is from June this year where a TikTok user named Mayenggo3 shared the video on TikTok post which everyone went shocked and got keen to know first about the user who uploaded the video because the curiosity’s reason was also to know that how did the user get the video that he or she shared the clip, and another thing was, who is the girl in the video, whose head got chopped brutally. Amid so many questions one weird and most searched thing was, if the girl is alive or not, however, on that time everyone was commenting RIP because there was no hope of her to be alive, now when people have started to search about her so here we would like to let you know something more interesting that you should know.

Who is Mayengg03?

Some of the people who have watched the video claimed that perhaps it was a gang of psychos who are killing people and they were hiding their faces or better say that the camera was not even focusing on those men’s faces, however just after sharing the video the account was turned into private account post which no one viewed that clip, but people have said that the account is having fewer followers and that too with a black ribbon’s profile.

Well, when it comes to talking about the clip so it begins with a normal dancing video but just in the next second, it turns out to be a bathroom video where some men are surrounding a girl who has kneed down and they starts chopping her head brutally and it has shaken up entire social media. Well, still the girl’s name is yet to be revealed but we are trying harder to get all the latest updates on the case and some other viral topics across the globe.

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