Who is Michele Hoskins? What Hapened?

Who is Michele Hoskins? What Hapened?: The latest bizarre news report has been reported from the American State of Florida. Well, the news is about a 64-year-old woman named Michele Hoskins who has been accused of keeping the deceased body of her dead mother in the freezer. Well, you all heard it right, she stored her mother’s dead body in the freezer but not because she loved her so much or was attached to her, she preserved her dead body in the freezer, so that she can continue receiving the disability payments.

Michele Hoskins Florida Woman Kept Mom's Body in freezer


The incident was reported on 7 July in the Florida United States of America, the Florida Police officials detained a 64 years old aged lady named Michele Hoskins, after finding her 93-year-old mother Marie Hoskins’s dead body in the freezer. The news has lately been making quite a lot of headlines in the mainstream media and buzzes On social media and the nd internet. The accused Michele Hoskin was immediately arrested by the Florida police officials and she has been charged with neglecting to disclose her mother’s demise and tampering with evidence.

Further reports have claimed that the police officials found the deceased body of Marie Hoskin was found after almost 6 weeks after her demise. Michele Hoskins the accused daughter was immediately arrested by the police officials. In the early investigation, Michele Hoskin admitted that she found her 93 old mothers dead in her room. She also revealed that her mother passed away due to natural causes and she found her dead in her room. She then stored the body of her deceased mother in the freezer to continue getting the disability payments and other benefits from the authorities.

The officers got a call from the neighbors of the Hoskins. The neighbors called the police officials after they didn’t saw Marie Hoskins for many days. The neighbors called the police officials and stated that they haven’t seen or heard from their old neighbor Marie Hoskins for the past some days. They thought something suspicious and thus he called for the officials. The police officials arrived at the residence and searched the house. While searching in the house they found the dead body of Marie Hoskins lying in the freezer in her Garage. The reports from the officials have claimed that they found the body after almost 2 weeks of storing it in the freezer. The accused daughter is currently in the custody and has been put in lieu of a $10,000 bond. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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