Who Is Mir Sayyid Muhammad Qanauji (Ateeq Shaikh)? Leaked Viral Video & Pics of Aurangzeb Teacher

Plenty of people is going viral these days. One such person is Ateeq Shaikh. The user has been reportedly promoting sectarianism. He is charged with terrorism too. Several videos are surfacing on the internet featuring him. The clips claim that Ateeq is instigating hatred and violence against other religious groups. Well, let us tell you that Ateeq Sheikh is also known as Aurangzeb Teacher. With this nickname, he is sweeping a lot of attention online. People are searching for information about him. Let us check who is Aurangzeb Teacher and why is trending.

Ateeq Shaikh

Reportedly, Ateeq is known as Aurangzeb Teacher because he has shared several videos on the Mughal empire, philosophy, the history of Aurangzeb’s rule, and art. Due to these reasons, he has gone viral. The user uploads the video on his YouTube channel which has garnered around 1.1 million subscribers while it has gotten over 950,000,000 views too. It is no doubt to state that Ateeq is one of the most popular content creators on social media.

Ateeq has managed to gain the attention of a lot of netizens through his interesting posts including photos and videos that spread like a wildfire. Talking more about Aurangzeb Teacher, he created a website where he reportedly sells educational material. He has been helping the students for quite some time now and makes sure to provide everyone with good stuff. Sources claim that Aurangzeb teacher is an online platform that shares videos and photos, particularly on the history of Mugal Emperor Aurangzeb.

For those unversed, Aurangzeb was the sixth Mughal emperor who ruled for a period of 49 years. He is also known as the last effective ruler of the Mughal Empire. To add, he was known for his religious piety as he had memorized the entire Quran. Well, Ateeq seems to be providing knowledge about the emperor in his latest videos and photos. However, some are stating that he has been instigating violence and hatred against other religious groups.

Due to this reason, the user has become a hot topic on the internet. He has been gaining a lot of attention from the netizens due to his videos and photos which had made people curious about him. Let us also add that some sources claim that Aurangzeb Teacher is also known as Mir Sayyid Muhammad Qanauji. We are trying to fetch more data about him. Follow our site for more interesting updates and news.

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