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Who is Miya Marcano? Cause Of Death, Obituary News


After she was unable to board the flight to Fort Lauderdale and before her body was found, detectives assigned to the case of college student Miya Marcano revealed more details: They found some in an apartment in Orlando, Florida.

After a police officer rushed to Makano’s apartment in Villa Aden, Orlando, her mother asked authorities to go to the 19-year-old girl’s residence and found that the door was locked. From the window, the report was not based on Orange County. Police Department., No abnormalities found.

According to NBC 6 South, when officers later entered the residence, they discovered that her mother asked him to check Marcano’s teddy bear and lock it in her closet. Her family repeatedly mentioned that such a bear did not exist and that the students were there. I can not go. Florida.

The incident report of September 24, 2021 was originally published in October, but has now been expanded with more details.

In the initial report, authorities said Macano’s hands and feet were tangled and blocked with duct tape. Orange Police Chief John Mina revealed the terrifying details of the discovery of the young woman’s body.

“Miya was found to have her hands and feet tied with black tape, and her mouth was covered with black tape,” he described at the time. In a report released on Monday, it was reported that when agents inspected the young woman’s apartment, they noticed that the furniture was leaning against the door of the room, which appeared to be placed there to prevent anyone from entering the room.

Due to current laws regulating the landlord-tenant relationship, Florida residents are forced to violate their will to stay in an environment that is not conducive to their personal safety. Stricter laws must be implemented and enforced, requiring landlords to conduct extensive background checks on employees whose duties require permission to enter the residence.

Miafa is a bipartisan legislation (HB426/SB426) proposed by the State of Florida to ensure that residential safety and personal safety of residential properties in Florida are expected to increase. In view of this, strict management of the implementation of higher-level background checks and restrictions on the use of master keys will ensure the protection of all tenants and help strengthen the relationship between landlords and tenants.

There is an urgent need for Miya’s Law to provide greater personal safety and higher security expectations for students and other disadvantaged groups (such as the elderly) living in multi-unit or single-unit residential properties in Florida.

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