Who Is Mold Girl On TikTok? Apartment Condition Viral Video Check Real Name Instagram

A college student had taken over the internet last year in December when she had shared about her living conditions on TikTok. Now, the same girl is going viral again as her story was shared on Snapchat Discover this week. For those unversed, the viral girl had documented the horrendous mold that was growing in her house in one of her videos on TikTok that had gone viral overnight. Ever since the girl named Elena Stetenevoic became the “mold girl”. Let us find out more about the matter and about the viral girl.

Mold Girl On TikTok

On December 3, 2021, Elena took to TikTok to share a video where she documented the extreme mold she and her roommates found in their shared flat. The moment she uploaded the clip, it went viral and became the subject of interest of many. As of now, the video has garnered almost ten million views which speaks volumes about the interest being taken by the netizens. In that video, Elena said that she and her roommates started getting headaches out of nowhere.

Who Is Mold Girl On TikTok?

Later, she revealed that they have ordered a mold test kit from Amazon and wiped on that “moldy vent”. As the girl believed, the vent was completely covered in the mold. Learning about this, they contacted their landlord and informed them about it. However, the landlord denied it at first. Then, he replaced the vent and to kill the mold, he sprayed Lysol on it. Here, the girl had arranged a private mold inspector who visited their place and confirmed that it was mold.

The model was affecting their health causing fevers and bad migraines. Even the doctor ordered mold exposure testing which resulted in the landlord agreeing to an inspection but on a condition that the girl would have to pay for it. As the original video surfaced on the internet and went viral, Elena updated the viewers about the mold situation. She uploaded part two where she shared photos of the mold and in part three, she disclosed that the model inspector palliated the severity of the situation.

People started to tell the mold girl to involve an attorney and threaten legal action. Elena went on to post part five of the video where she found out about other students living in the same neighbourhood and having the same landlord facing similar problems. Elena updated about the mold condition on Feb 3 where she revealed that her story was shared on Snapchat Discover and thanked everyone for their support and concern.

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