Who Is Monika Laskowska? Watch Full Videos Of Monika Laskowska On Social Media

Who Is Monika Laskowska? Watch Full Videos Of Monika Laskowska On Social Media: What is the name of the best journalist in Poland? Many of the fans interviewed after the wild fight have certainly asked themselves this question. The lady’s name is Monica Raskowska.

Where did this nickname come from? Laskowska is known from numerous accidents in interviews with Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński and others. The FAME MMA fighter decided not to even give Laskowska more interviews, because she was not prepared for them. Videos with the greatest curiosities of Laskowska were created on YouTube by the “ebe ebe” user and are called “The Best Polish Journalists”.

When answering the question of who is the best Polish journalist, it must be admitted that this is, in a way, the new face of Monika Laskowska. Before that, this woman was not popular in the martial arts world. She became famous when she began interviewing FAME MMA fighters – not necessarily in a positive way. Her endorsement was largely due to the many surprises she had when asking questions.

Who is Monica Raskowski? Who is Monica Raskowski? First of all, an actress. Laskowska has more or less roles in series such as M jak Miłość, Prawo Agaty, Klan, Plebania, Barwy Szczęścia or Przyjaciółki.

Laskowska also starred in such films as Heart in Hand, Come to Me and Citizen Jones.

Laskowska is not only an actress, but also a journalist and TV presenter. In addition, it has hosted live Tele Gra-style programs in which TV viewers make phone calls and test quizzes to win cash prizes.

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