Who Is Nene Balenciage and Why Is She Arrested? Check Charges & Reports

A Social Media star named Nene Balenciaga is garnering enormous attention nowadays after the news of her arrest started circulating all over the Internet. The netizens get active and quite keen to learn more about the reasons for her arrest. The online star has a great fan following on the significant video sharing platform Tik Tok. Her fame gets fourfolded after she joined the vital paid subscription platform. After joining the platform she started even generating a healthy amount of bucks during the year. Get more information on Nene Balenciaga and the cause of her arrest.

Nene Balenciaga

As per the reports, she has been followed by 30k other accounts of her social media making her an Internet sensation and receiving more than 20k likes and still continuing. However, some reports are suggesting that the social media personality is facing a grim situation nowadays. The news of her being arrested is circulating all over social media making users eager to know more about the details of the circumstances wherein she had been detained by law enforcement.

There are multiple rumours surfacing on the web claiming that the Tik Tok star has been apprehended. Nonetheless, there isn’t any official announcement that confirms the news. Along with that, the major reason behind her arrest is still being reviewed by many notable social media users. None of her acquaintances made any kind of statement on the viral rumours even the star herself painting the silence on the story of grapevine. There are a lot of things that have to be confirmed yet by the authorities and due to lack of information, it would be inappropriate to claim anything.

As we mentioned above Nene Balenciaga is a popular Tik Tok Star who is also associated as a content creator on a particular streaming site. She has more than following 29K on Tik Tok and liked her videos more than 212k times. Well, there isn’t much available about her on the Internet. The online star even doesn’t have any kind of Wikipedia to release information.

It is being assumed that she is around 20-25 years of her assumed by her pictures. Her actual age is unknown to the common public. Even after being a public figure, she hasn’t disclosed much about herself and her family. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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