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Recently, a video surfaced on social media. It is reported that Miranda Derrick aka Niakyoot, whose maiden establish is Wilking, has not, reportedly, spoken to her family for a long time. The last time when Miranda talked to her family was in January last year. Undoubtedly, her parents and friends are concerned about her. Taking to Instagram, the family shared an emotional video that has gone viral on the internet. In the clip, they shared several conspiracy theories. Now, it has become a matter of discussion among the netizens. Let us check the complete details about it.

Niakyoot Viral

The family of the girl shared that Miranda joined a leisure administration agency 7M Films. On TikTok, it is called Shekinah Church which is reportedly a religious group. Some people the Church to be a cult. Nowadays, many people are joining these kinds of cults and are making their loved ones worried. Mainly the youngsters are getting attracted towards the cult as it is said that becoming a member of the cult can provide you with fame, success, and many more things.

Now, Miranda Derrick has also seemed to join the same cult. Talking about the video, Miranda’s family shared it on February 24 on Instagram. Through the video, they pleaded for Derrick’s safety and residence. They also went on to claim that she was being held hostage by 7 PM. Melanie Wilking, Derrick’s sister, spoke at the measurement with mom and father Kelly and Dean Wilking in a video.

Melanie said, “you don’t have to bother us as life goes on and a lot of exciting things are happening.” So far, the video has garnered more than 9,000 likes and 2,000 shares. It has become the center of attention among the netizens on social media. Apart from this, some people are claiming that Niakyoot TikTok is also getting a lot of attention. The account reportedly belongs to Miranda Derrick. The young star shares plenty of posts there and keeps her followers engaged.

Ever since her account was created, it has been gaining massive engagement from the followers. Miranda has a huge fan following on her accounts that speaks volumes about her popularity there. Now, it is being said that one of her videos have gotten leaked on various platforms. We are trying to fetch more data about her. Follow our site, social telecast, and get the latest news and updates on the trending topics and trends.

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