Who is Nickolas Ray? TikTok Star Accused of exploiting Noor Dabash

Noor Dabash, the 18-year-old TikTok star, has accused Nickolas Ray of assaulting her. Taking to Twitter, Noor shared her story and mentioned that she wishes Nickolas would be de-platformed. Before sharing the story with the world, the teenager also posted a TikTok where she lip-synced that Ray must confess to what he did. The shocking revelation has resulted in both personalities trending on social media. The users are shocked to learn about the incident and are discussing it online too. Let us check the complete details of the matter in the article.

Nickolas Ray

While sharing her story, Noor Dabash wrote that she oftentimes has very bad anxiety/ panic attacks. On the night of July 5th, 2021, Noor had a very bad one. She was curled up in Nickolas’s bed crying, shaking, and unable to breathe properly for about 40 minutes. She just wanted someone to be around. Nickolas asked her if they can talk to which the TikTok star said now, Noor added that she could not frame sentences as she was in a panicked state.

It was further stated that once she caught her breath, Nickolas pinned her down and proceeded to assault her. She was confused and had a very bad nose bless afterward. Dabash said that she just got up, left, and went back to her apartment. The influencer repeated not approving in any form before the assault. She added that Ray endlessly tried to get into her apartment and she had to “Ban him from ever stepping afoot” in her apartment ever again.

As Noor Dabash’s story came to the front, her fans have gotten stunned. They are showing the young star support and are trending hashtags for her too. Let us add that Noor has almost 5 million followers on TikTok and had a huge fan following on Instagram too. Besides, Noor Dabash also has her own YouTube channel where she has more than 26K subscribers. As per reports, she is dating fellow star, Bryan McKenzie.

Ever since Noor shared her story, she has been advocating for Nicolas to be debunked. Her followers are also demanding the same. Talking about Nickolas Ray, he is a 21-year-old Tik Tok star. He has amassed over six million followers on the said platform. Born in Missouri, the star went viral online after he posted a video of himself performing to Vance Joy’s Riptide. Follow us, social telecast, for more latest updates and news.

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