Who Is Nizar Abshi? Watch Viral Video Of Footage For The Professor Behind The Al-Baath University

Who Is Nizar Abshi? Watch Viral Video Of Footage For The Professor Behind The Al-Baath University: Professor Nizar Abshi is getting a lot of attention from the netizens. It is reported that the professor was blackmailing a female student into getting high marks in literature. He even threatened to fail her if she did not get good marks. The news has surfaced all over the internet and has garnered everyone’s interest. Many people are slamming the professor for being so inconsiderate. Due to this reason, both the teacher and the matter are trending on multiple platforms. Check further details in the article below and get updates.

Who Is Nizar Abshi Professor Behind The Al-Baath University Viral Video Footage


As the matter has swept everyone’s attention, Prof. Abdul Al-Khatib, the president, has not said anything about it yet. However, it is expected that he would soon come to the front and address the matter. Whatever the reason, Nizar has garnered huge popularity in a very short course of time. Nevertheless, it is all for the wrong reasons. The man has reportedly threatened one of his female students to get good marks in a particular subject or else he would fail her. It shows how sick the mentality these people have is and how they are not willing to think about others.

Even though the whole matter has become a trending topic on multiple social networking sites, not much information regarding the same has come forward yet. Details including the identity of the female student, her class, family, and more have not been disclosed yet and it remains to be unknown at this very moment. No one knows about the girl that is involved in the viral incident and due to this reason, no source seems to have any information about her. However, everyone is trying to fetch as much information about her as possible so that everyone can get updated.

Apart from the girl’s name which is not revealed yet, the name of the professor is Nizar Abshis. The family of the female student is quite disturbed to know about the whole matter and they have been criticizing the professor for the same. It has brought the entire school or the university into the limelight as everyone seems to be talking about it. Its reputation has come in danger. At present, we do not know much about the whole matter so we would not be able to update you about it too.

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