Who Is Noah Haynes? Teenager Arrested For Firing Gun During Fight Inside LA Fitness

A teenager named Noah Haynes has been arrested by Suffolk Police. The officers detained the 18-year-old as he was accused of shooting inside the LA Fitness located in North Babylon. The incident has brought a wave of terror among the residents of the area. Although it is a relief that the culprit got arrested by the police before he could harm others. Now, the news has become the topic of debate among the netizens. Check all the details of the matter in this article along with the information on Noah Haynes.

Who Is Noah Haynes? Teenager Arrested For Firing Gun During Fight Inside LA Fitness

According to the police, Noah Haynes sliced a young boy in the neck with an object made of metal and later he went on to point a handgun at him. The horrifying incident took place on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, around 8 PM. However, the officers have stated that the incident started at 7:15 PM. They further said that the culprit Noah got into a heated argument with the unknown teenager in the gym. As the argument turned ugly, the staff of the gym asked Noah to leave. Besides, it is also coming forward that at that moment, Haynes pulled out the metal object he has been carrying.

Noah Haynes Arrested For Firing Gun Inside LA Fitness

Noah Haynes then slashed the said teen in the neck and tried to escape. However, before he could leave, he was held down by three people who were present at that time in the gym. Although it is not confirmed if they were normal people or belonged to the gym staff. While Noah was held down by those people, one of them immediately called the police. Here, the 18-year-old was trying his best to free himself from their grip. During that struggle, Noah fired his gun. Police say that no one was injured as the bullet did not hit any person.

On another side, it is reported that the man who was sliced by Noah with the help of a metal object is currently admitted to a hospital. His identity has not been revealed yet but it is said that he would get fine after getting proper treatment as his injuries are not life-threatening. When detectives interrogated Noah Haynes about the incident, the latter said that he had kept the gun in his hoodie’s pocket and that he has no idea how it went off. Talking about the percentage of shooting incidents in Suffolk, the said crime has seen a 13.4% increase. Follow our site for more updates!

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