Who Is Noh Hujan? Watch Leaked Video On Twitter And Reddit

Who Is Noh Hujan? Watch Leaked Video On Twitter And Reddit: There is no storm without wind, and a heated debate reportedly sparked when Hujan frontman Noh Salleh struggled with his marriage to Mizz Nina last month.

Recently, several netizens have gone viral on the Twitter page, claiming that there is a video similar to the rude behavior of Noh drama. Whether it’s a singer or someone else can’t be determined.

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Quoting a sharing by a user on the Cari forum who claimed the singer cheated behind his wife, Mizz Nina.

However, the user claimed that the call was lost because he forgot to back up his data before resetting the phone that day.

However, the user deleted the share on the Twitter page shortly after. However, the true extent of the allegations could not be determined.

At the same time, many do not believe the allegations because the evidence has been lost, and some believe someone deliberately made up a story to bring down the singer’s career.

Previously, Noh Salleh criticized the media when he questioned his marriage to Mizz Nina and demanded more focus on his artistic career rather than his personal story.

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