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Who Is Piyush Jain? UP Businessman Arrested In Kanpur Raid For 200 Crore Tax Evasion


Recently, a piece of quite shocking news is coming in front of the people from (UP Uttar Pradesh), which has shaken entire India. Yes, you heard right, Kanpur Based businessmen is recently taken into custody due to the scandal of 187 Crores rupees. The culprit is identified as Piyush Jain the concerned department is recovering the case while investigating the entire things, that what was his sources as he collected such milestone of 187 crore cash. Hence, the interrogation is going ahead because of which, many unknown facts are coming to the fore along with different claiming.

Who Is Piyush Jain? UP Businessman Arrested In Kanpur Raid For 200 Crore Tax Evasion


As per the reports or sources, Suspect Piyush Jain has admitted that the cash has been recovered from his residential premises, and believes in the sale of the well without paying the GST. Since the concerned department got the details, they brought the investigation ahead because of which, it got cleared that he had not paid the GST for a long. Hence, the case is becoming tricky and remaining the subject of discussion, because after a long something scandalizing happened, but the fact is that at what kind of actions are being taken by the concerned department against the defaulter Piyush Jail.

Who is Piyush Jain?

It is being reported, that the DEEI of Ahmedabad has been arrested businessman Piyush Jain under section 67 along with the CGST Act, after rescuing the numerous case around 187 Crores but still, it is being said that it could be high enough. Because as soon as the investigation is going ahead many untold facts are coming in front of the people. Earlier to this, DGG had recovered 10 crores from the factory of Jain, which was the start of taking him into custody because the police department, got the evidence that he is having plenty of cases that are hidden.

If the reports are to be considered, so approximately 187.5 crores have been collected by the concerned department. Another 5 crores have been collected by them from his residence which is located in Kannuaj. The rest of the 10 crores have been recovered from his factory of Kinnaur something similar, is happened with the rest of the residence. But still, the case is being investigated by the police, and a few pieces of information are coming. So something will come again then we will make you acquainted with much stuff so stay connected with us because still, a few reports are coming to the fore.

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