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Who Is Pokimane? Why Is Streamer Banned On Twitch? Check Age Bio Boyfriend Instagram


Much popular Internet personality is accumulating enormous attention of the audience nowadays. Renowned with the username ‘Pokimane’ who found herself in a tight corner when her account was suspended by the authority of much popular social media platform Twitch. All the followers of the Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’ account suspended by the authority on 7 January 2022 led to a huge controversy. As she has amassed a huge fan following with her streaming videos. She was alleged for a major copyright violation scandal after streaming ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ among her 8.5 million followers. Get more information on who is Pokimane and the cause of her account being suspended.

Who Is Pokimane? Why Is Streamer Banned On Twitch? Check Age Bio Boyfriend Instagram
As we all know that Twitch never tolerate even a single violation regarding any of its rules and due to this the vital social media platform is quite famous. There are a number of users whose accounts had been taken down left them stunned. In the previous year, the authority banned the account of some other significant consumer named Kai Cenat organized a campaign named ‘Free Kai’ on Twitter and Face after his account took down by Twitch.

Who Is Pokimane?

According to the reports, this was the second time when his account got banned by the authority. Earlier his account got banned the consumer noticed using hateful slurs and in response, his account had been withdrawn. Another user named Adin Ross’ account was confiscated consecutively for the third time for involving in explicit content with NPC. However, in most cases, the platform doesn’t mention the cause for taking the account down of any of the users and neither listen to any of the pleas of the user for reviving the account. If any of the activity senses by the authority violating the rule then the account will get banned surely.

As we mentioned that Twitch doesn’t mention the reason for banning the account but it is the reason for which the Pokimane account was banned is clearly visible. She appeared to feature on the latest ‘TV meta’ Trend and performed commentary while watching a movie of a television show, although the followers were elated the makers didn’t find it lucrative at all.

If we talk more about the streamer Pokimane is the Moroccan-Canadian Online personality who first fetched immense attention on Twitch for streaming ‘Leauge of Legends’ and ‘Fortnite’ started in 2013 and with the passage of time she emerged out as the 100 most followers accounts on the platform. But now the streamer is surrounded with difficulties after her account was banned by the platform. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.

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