Who Is Raheel Ahmad From Georgia? Cause of Death? What Happened?

Who Is Raheel Ahmad From Georgia? Cause of Death? What Happened?:  A shocking incident took place in Georgia that shocked all the people who have learnt about the accident. The news spread like the wildfire all over the Internet and even become the talk of the town in the entire Chicago. According to the reports asserted by some of the vital social media organizations claimed that a citizen of Chicago named Raheel Ahmad belonged to Georgia shot his former wife photographer wife named Sania Khan. The entire incident took place in Chicago. Get more information on who is Raheel Ahmad from Georgia and why he killed his wife Sania Khan.

Who Is Raheel Ahmad From Georgia


Further reports claimed that Raheel Ahmad killed his wife Sania Khan, she was 29 years old at the time of her death. She was working as a photographer, well, along with that she was also worked as a flight attendant. She was a graduate and it is being assumed and doing good in his life. After she got separated from her husband Ahmed she was looking forward to her future unaware that her past has some dreaded intentions for her which eventually claimed the life of the woman.

Ahmed was purposefully after his former wife he was even planning things and keeping the track of her to destroy her life. Sania who was living in Chicago followed by her former husband reside in Georgia. The entire incident took place in Chicago when Ahmad found the whereabouts of his wife on Monday, 20th July 2022. The police were informed and cops were trying to cope with the situation but they heard a gunshot and after they hadn’t any choice but to barge into the resident. The officers were shocked to see Sania was unresponsive due to the gunshot injury that claimed her life on the spot.

Ahmad later shot himself as he understood that police would have detained him. Ahmad also shot himself in the head in the bedroom of the apartment. Both of them were rushed to the hospital where the doctor declared them lifeless. After investigation police officers revealed that Ahmad killed Sania and then committed suicide on the behalf of the handgun and a suicide note cops found at the crime scene.

Ahmad was 36 years old when he died after he got divorced from his wife in the last year’s winter. A homicide and suicide case has been registered by law enforcement.

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